Investor Services

Investor servicing is a mission-critical aspect of fund administration. FD Fund Administration provides tailored services to support the unique needs of various investor types.

FD Fund Administration’s Investor Services team plays a pivotal role in the administration process. Investor Services include:

  • Distribution of investor correspondence
  • Handle ad hoc reporting requests
  • Manage investor communications
  • Oversee all the investor contact data & partner demographic information
  • Prepare the capital call and distribution statements
  • Set-up and maintain communications portal
  • Side letter requirements and independent audit confirmations

Investor Due Diligence

We offer fund manager due diligence processes for funds throughout the fund lifecycle, including secondary transaction due diligence support. We provide clients with Anti-Money Laundering and Investor Verification services, reviewing all investors against the Global Sanction List (OFAC), Foreign Official/Publicly Exposed Person and List, Global Enforcement List. FD Fund Administration follows fund documents to determine the frequency of investor monitoring.

In addition to fund investor due diligence, our Investor Relations team performs a host of additional functions.

Investor Communications

FD Fund Administration’s technology platform employs a preeminent investor portal solution for interactive investor communications. In a secure environment, fund investors are able to access every type of communication, including Annual and Quarterly Financial Statements, K-1s, Capital Account Statements, Capital Calls, Distributions, General Communications, Legal/Compliance Notices, ad-hoc reports/requests, etc.

Administrative Support for Funds in Market

The Investor Relations teams at FD Fund Administration utilize a consistently applied process for administrative support during the fundraising process. We have supported a multitude of fund launches and we are adept at investor onboarding. We thoroughly capture partner demographics and support our clients through each fund closing. FD Fund Administration reviews side letters, and completes requests for information, and tracks disseminated information.